ImmmRice & Beyond

At Immm, we serve foods found at food stalls and carts in the streets of Thailand: Khao rad gang (cooked food in steam table served over rice), Som tum (papaya salad), Arhaan Tam Sung (food made to order), Kuay Tiew (soup noodles), and Thai style breakfast rice plates.

Because we aim to make food as authentic as we can, some dishes may be very spicy or pungent. Others may contain bones or spices (seeds and leaves). We also may not be vegetarian friendly due to above reason but we will try our best to accommodate. If you get past these, we are sure you will enjoy the food!

In Thai, Immm means "I'm full" or "I'm stuffed." If you want to do it like the Thai's do, say "immm" when you're done eating, follow by "arroy" if it's delicious ◔ ⌣ ◔

“An army marches on its stomach” 
― Napoleon

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